Air Djibouti

Air Djibouti is the national air carrier in the state of Djibouti. The company is headquartered in the capital city of Djibouti and is located at the Djibouti International Airport as a major hub of its operations. It was established in February, 1963, making it one of the oldest airlines in the African continent. The company provides services to many destinations in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Air Djibouti

Yemen Airways Agreement with Air Djibouti

In 2008, Yemen Airways signed an agreement with Air Djibouti to restructure Djibouti Airways. The agreement included the provision of modern aircraft required by Djibouti Airways to operate in accordance with a commercial agreement between the two companies. The agreement also stipulated that Yemen Airways will rehabilitate and renew the eight Djibouti planes, so that the company meets its requirements as a national carrier with membership in the International Aviation Organization (IATA).

An integrated program has been prepared in the technical and operational aspects of the structure and development of the Djibouti Airlines so that the company becomes as competitive as its counterparts in the countries of the region. The signing of the agreement between the two companies came after Djibouti announced new investors from Djibouti, Yemen to raise its capital and develop its capabilities and restructuring the company, and included the agreement with Yemen to conduct a number of joint flights between the two companies for some lines chosen in Europe and Africa.

Fleet and destinations of Air Djibouti

The Djibouti Airways fleet consists of the Antonov AN-12, Antonov A-24, the Ilyushin L-18 and the Ilyushin EL-76,. The company flies to many destinations in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. (Addis Ababa, Deira Dawa International Airport in Deira Dawa), Somalia (Bosasso airport in Bossaso and Hargeisa airport in Hargeisa), and in the Arabian Peninsula, the company travels to Yemen (Aden International Airport in Aden) ), United Arab Emirates (Sharjah International Airport in Sharjah and Dubai International Airport).

Re-launch the services of Djibouti Airlines

The Djibouti Airways re-launch initiative was launched in August 2015 8/2015 after a long wait. The company started regular flights to the countries of the region, and the Djibouti International Airport Administration provides the necessary support to the company, And the Ports and Free Zones Authority contributes 70%.

These flights will push forward regional integration of the countries of the region and eliminate trade barriers between them in the coming periods. Djibouti Airways will play a pivotal national role to enhance communication between the countries of the region, as well as expand Djibouti Djibouti International Airport. Strategic and utilization of the advanced infrastructure of Djibouti International Airport, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of Djibouti’s economic and social development and realize its aspirations as a gateway to the countries in the south and east of Africa. The company has officially started its activities by launching an air cargo plane bound for Mogadishu and Hargeisa.

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