Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Booking cheap flight tickets has become an easy task and does not require much effort, thanks to the search technology that provides the latest data on the airfares available for a certain destination and on a specific date. All this is now available all the time, everywhere and one click away of your fingers. You will not have to go to a number of booking offices or deal with travel agents, or even leave your room to get a cheap flight ticket. You can only follow specific steps that will take a few minutes, and you will book a cheap flight ticket every time as if you were an expert in the field for several years.

How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets?

We have spent a lot of time and effort to bring you the best steps, instructions and secrets from aviation experts around the world to enjoy a unique and enjoyable travel experience at the lowest cost by booking cheap flight tickets. Unlike travel agents, our website does not charge any fees and does not add any commission on airfare. Only provides you with the latest prices available for your flight from all airlines and arranges them from the cheapest to the most expensive by means of a high-tech search tools, so you can get the cheapest airfares.

Follow the simple steps below booking cheap flight tickets every time:

1. Choose the right time: Many experts recommend booking early to get the best price, and others emphasize that early booking does not guarantee booking cheap flight tickets. But if you are able to track the price of airline tickets to your destination since the beginning of planning your trip, it makes it easy to choose the right time to book. The search tool on our website can guide you to periods of travel that have the lowest prices. The window is usually 30 to 45 days before the date of travel, is the period where the cheapest prices are available for your trip.

2. Avoid holidays and peak holidays: During these times the demand on airline tickets is increasing and airlines do not have to reduce their prices to attract more demand. Take advantage of the flexibility of your departure and arrival time in your favor and avoid weekends and public holidays if you want to guarantee booking cheap flight tickets.

3. Search, compare, continuously: Once you start looking for airfare prices, search engines and websites will display a lot of targeted ads on all the web pages you are viewing, and some sites will send you quotes about your destination and the date of your trip. Do not worry this is very normal, all of these sites exchange information and collect visitors’ preferences. You can also take advantage of this for your benefit: Use the search tool on our site to compare offers that offer you the latest prices available, ads are often covered with fake discounts and offers but the search tool on our site will provide you the real price you will pay when booking without any glamorous discounts or fake offers .

4. Inquire and check: Before booking cheap flight tickets you must inquire on and verify two very important things: First, the possibility of canceling the reservation and refunding the ticket or changing the time without charges or fines, airlines often offer low prices for non-negotiable tickets without a refund or a change of time, or it charges a large fine when cancelling the ticket or changing the travel schedule. If you are sure of your departure and return time you can benefit from these offers, but if you prefer safety, you can overlook a small increase in the price of the ticket, but it guarantees you a lot of flexibility if you want to change the time of your departure or return, or even cancel your travel. The second thing that should be known before booking cheap flight tickets is the weight of baggage allowed for passengers on the flight. Economy airlines often offer low prices, but the baggage allowance is very little, not more than one piece weighing 10 kilograms. If you carry a little luggage you can take advantage of such offers, and if you carry a lot you will pay more. The search tool on our website allows you to find luggage weights and the possibility of retrieving or changing the date of the ticket.

5. Avoid direct flights: Direct flights are often more expensive than others due to short travel time and speed of arrival, but if you booked a multi-stop trip you can get a plane ticket that is much cheaper than the direct flight and does not take more than one hour more than the time of direct flight. The search tool on our website gives you all the information about flight time and number of stops for booking cheap flight tickets everytime.

6. Avoid landing at main airports: Main airports impose heavy fees on aircraft landing, making flight tickets using sub-airports cheaper than those landing at main airports. You can take advantage of this in your favor to reserve the cheapest flight tickets, especially if the sub-airport is closer to your destination. The search tool on our site allows you to choose the sub-airports available for your destination.

7. Benefit from loyalty programs: Airlines often offer rewards and discounts to all their loyal customers, holders of certain bank cards or consumers of a particular product or service. You will not find it difficult to take advantage of these offers, as well as collecting points and miles that can help you very much if you are accustomed to traveling by plane.

8. Avoid foreign currency booking: If you book in a currency other than your country’s currency, this usually adds about 3% increase in the price of the flight ticket to cover the risk of exchange rate difference for the airline. Our website allows you to book in your country’s currency and avoid increasing prices due to exchange rate difference.

9. Avoid booking with travel agents: Our website offers you booking cheap flight tickets directly from the parent airline website without adding any commissions or fees to the price of the original ticket, as opposed to what is happening with the offices of travel agents. The agents often add their commission to the original ticket price, and the booking programs allow them to hide those additions on the price of the original ticket so you will not be aware of the exact amount of the increase. When you book on the parent company’s website you will receive the original price without any additions or commissions.

10. Search and compare after booking: It is very likely to drop the price of airline tickets for the price you booked, after a day, two days, or even before the date of travel days. It will not cost you much if you use the search tool on our website several times before your departure date. If you find a big drop in the ticket price, you can refund the ticket and re-book it at the lowest price.

Steps for booking cheap flight tickets on our website

For booking cheap flight tickets you need to know the prices of tickets available for your destination from all airlines and compare prices and offers of different airlines. You need a powerful search tool that lets you see the latest offers and prices available from all airlines. From here, we had the idea of ​​creating Flight Arabia, which contains a powerful search tool, available on top of all our website pages.

For booking cheap flight tickets, use the search tool at the top of all pages of our website if you are browsing from the computer or over the phone or tablet and enter the following data:

From: The city you depart from or the airport code if you know it, and once you enter the first letter of the city name you depart from, you will get suggestions that will make it easier for you to choose the airport you will depart from.

To: The city you will arrive at or the airport code if you know it, and once you enter the first letter of the name of the city to which you will arrive, you will get suggestions that will make it easy for you to choose the airport to which you will arrive.

One way: If you are looking for cheaper airline tickets for one way only (without return) you can check on “one way”.

Dates: Enter dates of departure and arrival with the help of the calendar menu that will appear to you.

Passengers: Enter the number of adults and children. Please note that you will be able to modify the passenger data and age while booking cheap flight tickets on subsequent pages.

Cabin Class: Choose the cabin class of travel you wish to book your trip, whither it is Economy, Business or First Class.

Search: Finally click the “Search” button and review the results.