Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport is the first air gateway for Egypt, the Middle East and Africa’s and the second largest airport in terms of passenger density. The airport is 22 kilometers from the center of Cairo and is one of the most important airports in the world. It is a central airport that collects transit passengers to take them to world airports.

The airport links Africa, Asia and Europe, which made it more important for Egypt Air to join the Star Alliance. The airport is controlled by more than 60 airlines, the first of which are Egypt Air, 10 air cargo companies and transit charter airlines. Cairo International Airport was selected as Africa’s best airport for 2006 in terms of performance, infrastructure and constant modernization by the African Airlines Association. All Egyptian airlines operate flights from the airport such as: Egypt Air Express, Sinai Air, Air Cairo , Smart Aviation, Nile Air, Fly Egypt and Egyptian International Aviation.

Cairo International Airport

History of Cairo International Airport

The establishment of Cairo International Airport dates back to 1942, when the idea of ​​establishing a civil airport in Cairo emerged. US forces allied with Britain established an airport 5 kilometers from Almazah airport to support it during World War II. In 1945, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority took control of the airport after the departure of US forces. It was named at this time King Farouk Airport and became a subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Authority.

In 1957, the construction of new buildings at the airport began to increase the number of passengers, and was opened on March 18, 1963.

Cairo International Airport Facilities

The airport has a total area of ​​40 million square meters. Cairo International Airport has 4 runways, three passenger buildings, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry, the headquarters and operations center of EgyptAir Holding Company and its subsidiaries, the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation, The airport also has offices for all airlines operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt, many free market outlets and a variety of restaurants and cafeterias.

Terminals of Cairo International Airport

  • The First Passenger Terminal was built in 1963. It is the oldest building in Cairo International Airport. It is called “The Old Airport”. It has 4 halls, a shopping mall, a number of international restaurants and a lot of leisure services for travelers.
  • Second Passenger Terminal: Established in 1986, it is called the “New Airport” and is intended for airlines of Europe, the Gulf and the Far East. The development of the building began in 2010 with an increase in capacity from 4 million passengers to 8 million passengers annually, bringing the airport’s completion capacity to 26 million passengers per year.
  • The Third Terminal is the latest Cairo International Airport building. It is dedicated to EgyptAir. It includes internal and external travel services, maintenance workshops, aircraft storage stores, parking lots, self-service check-in counters and 63 parking spaces.  And has designed travel halls and access to accommodate all models of aircraft where the building can accommodate 15 aircraft at the same time of the large models. It also includes passenger insurance systems, follow-up and insurance systems that meet the highest international standards, as well as VIP lounges, equipped waiting areas, insurance services, traffic, transportation, commercial areas and restaurants.

Cairo International Airport’s future development projects

  • The passenger train project between the three buildings of Cairo International Airport. The capacity of the train is about 2000 passengers per hour
  • The establishment of a five-star international hotel to help increase transit tourism
  • The project for the construction of the new cargo village has been started and will have a production capacity of one million tons by 2020 and an area of ​​24 thousand meters

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