Khartoum International Airport

Khartoum International Airport is located in the center of Khartoum, capital of Sudan, Sudan’s largest airport, followed by the new Port Sudan International Airport. Sudan Airways and Med Airlines are headquartered in the airport and a it is the hub for its operations. The current location of the airport poses a threat to air safety and urban security standards. The Government of Sudan decided to close the airport once the new Khartoum International Airport is finished, which is being built on 40 km from downtown Khartoum in South Omdurman.

Khartoum International Airport

History of Khartoum International Airport

Khartoum International Airport was established in 1947 after the Second World War and was expanded to accommodate the movement of the seventies and eighties. It was rehabilitated from 2000 to 2010 in various aspects. The rehabilitation process is still in line with international developments until the construction of the new airport. Khartoum International Airport has been established in response to ICAO’s requirement to separate operational control and operate the airport on a commercial basis.

Khartoum International Airport Facilities

  • International Departure Lounge: Khartoum International Airport accommodates 950 passengers per hour with a range of lounges, equipped with modern air information systems, automated reservation system, civil defense unit, 4 passenger exits, quarantine and agricultural offices and service offices
  • VIP lounge: to receive official delegations and senior visitors
  • Access hall: accommodates 1200 passengers per hour, equipped with screens for trips and attached to the reception hall, passport and customs hall, agricultural and health quarantine offices and service offices such as: free market and offices of telecommunications companies and exchanges
  • The internal travel hall: It can accommodate 460 passengers per hour and has a safety and customs lounge and other services
  • Hajj and Umrah Hall: It can accommodate 900 passengers per hour. It is divided into an arrival hall, a dispensary hall, an air safety room, a civil defense unit of Khartoum International Airport
  • Aircraft parking: There are two parking spaces, presidential plane and a main square with 45 parking spaces aircraft of various sizes and the service of the back payment
  • Amphitheater: It is 3000 meters long and 45 meters wide and has 6 entrances to aircraft
  • Groundway: It is the takeoff and landing site of the aircraft and is known as a taxiway with visual aids such as signs and lighting
  • Isolated area: It is about 100 meters from the air traffic zones
  • Navigation devices: The airport is equipped with modern and advanced navigation devices including: the electric lighthouse device which works to measure the directions and heights, the landing gear, the short-range measuring device, the long-range measuring device and the radar

Khartoum International Airport offers free market services, food and beverages, mail and currency exchange, cargo transportation, parking services, aircraft maintenance and ground handling services.

New Khartoum International Airport

The new Khartoum International Airport is being built for Sudan Airports Company, which is wholly owned by the Government of Sudan. A Chinese company is currently constructing the airport, which will have a capacity of 12 million passengers per year. The airport will also be a gateway to African countries and a transit point for companies global aviation.

The new Khartoum International Airport project is a large and attractive investment opportunity, which is of a service nature for one of the most important strategic projects being implemented in the Sudan. Among the available opportunities are the Action Hall, Airport Train and Railroad, Free Zone, Cargo Village, Fuel and aircraft supply center.

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