Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is a low-cost private airline based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company is headquartered in Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. The company was established in 1989 in partnership between Turkish investors and the Irish national carrier Aer Lingus, the second largest airline In Ireland. Starting in April 1990, it launched two Boeing 737s as a casual flight operator and has since grown into international airlines. In 1994, a Turkish bank acquired all the foreign partners’ shares to become a sole Turkish airline Pegasus.

In 2005 ESAS Holding acquired Pegasus Airlines and appointed Ali Shabansi as the company’s chief executive, transforming the company from charter to low-cost aviation. During the same year, the company purchased 12 Boeing 737-800 advanced aircraft. This was followed by another similar order in 2008, which led to a quantum leap in the company’s fleet and enabled it to acquire the lion’s share of the Turkish aviation sector. Among all of its competitors in 2007 and during 2008 Pegasus transferred more than 4.4 million passengers, it expanded and started to reach 16.8 passengers in 2013 and became the second largest airline in Turkey.

With 25 years of experience in the Turkish, European and international market, Pegasus Airlines has become one of the top 25 airlines in Europe in terms of providing seats with new offers and premium services on board. The airline has been named the fastest growing airline in Europe for the year 2011 and 2012 according to OAG official airline directory report.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines’ fleet and network

Pegasus Airlines’ fleet is about 49 Boeing and Airbus with an average age of 4.16 years only, making the Pegasus fleet one of the most modern fleets in the region. The airline operates more than 85 flights to nearly 70 European and Asian airports such as Amsterdam, Beirut, Brussels, Copenhagen, Athens, London, Rome, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Sofia and Tehran. It has recently launched new flights to Doha, Moscow, Sochi, Frankfurt, Madrid, Simferopol and Dubai. As well as more than 31 local destinations such as Ankara, Adiyaman, Ataturk, Antalya and Bodrum. The company is a member of the International Air Transport Association.

Pegasus Airlines aims to offer low-cost flights with a high level of service and quality standards. Pegasus provides an enjoyable travel experience for its passengers through the continuous development of its services and products, making it the leading airline in Turkey and also demonstrating its commitment to safety through measures such as the recently established ground training centers in Turkey. The company also offers air freight service through its extensive network to all over the world.

Flying on Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines believes that air travel is a right for all and therefore offers its customers online check-in before departure 48 hours and up to 3 hours, helping to save time and effort at the airport. The traveler can also check information on the company’s website on rules and policies for travelers with special needs and parents traveling with infants, children and others. In order to obtain a booking for cheap flights from Pegasus you can book on its website.

Pegasus Flight Services

Pegasus Airlines’ focus is more on making the travel experience more suited to travelers’ requirements, so the company is developing new services including Smart Air Packages that allow passengers to choose one of the various offers, services and by-products offered by the company, allowing guests to have a variety of options for a more convenient travel experience. And at discounted prices.

The services provided by Pegasus Airlines are divided into categories of:

Basic service offerings include ticket fare, free 15 kg airfare and 20kg international airfare, as well as the Pegasus scoring system that enables passengers to receive discounts on ticket prices or free flights

Category II: Advanced offers that provide the traveler with the choice of seat inside the aircraft and the addition of another 5 kg of baggage within the value of the tariff on domestic flights. As well as a free sandwich and a drink during the trip provided by Pegasus Café and registration in the Pegasus Plus points

Category 3: offers the traveler the possibility to change or retrieve the ticket according to the terms and conditions, and provide an additional capacity of 10 kg of baggage, while allowing the choice of the seat to travel in the plane and provide a hot meal and a drink is free to choose the traveler

Pegasus Airlines was ranked among the world’s top 21 airlines by 2016, Skytrax estimates.

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