Sana’a International Airport

Sana’a International Airport is located 15 km north of the capital of Yemen, Sana’a. The airport serves the governorate of Sana’a and surrounding cities and villages. Yemen Airways is headquartered in the airport as its operations center. All flights at the airport have been stopped due to the war during the past years. It has gradually resumed working after infrastructure work, navigation and technical rehabilitation for civilian and other services which have been severely damaged over more than a year by successive air strikes. During Yemen’s civil war, most of the flights from Sana’a International Airport were diverted to Sayoun International Airport because of the difficult conditions imposed by the war.

Sana'a International Airport

Sana’a International Airport Facilities

Sana’a International Airport has a passenger terminal with two lounges for arrival and departure equipped with the latest modern technical equipment that accompany the international airport halls and provides services for travelers. It also includes offices for international airlines. Also, the happy customs lounge for travelers, access to customs postage and express mail and customs clearance for owners of customs shipments and for travelers. The airport also has a main runway and an aircraft stand, as well as a Yemeni Air Force base.

In June 2015, Sana’a International Airport began to resume operations. Yemen Airways began its flights from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a to some countries on board its planes through the airport. The airport has been reopened for flights, receiving Red Cross planes and planes from MSF and the United Nations, after all flights at Sanaa International Airport and several other Yemen airports have been suspended since the start of the Saudi-led operation.

A lot of work and equipment in the infrastructure of the airport to compensate for the large damage suffered, and to make sure the readiness of the security inspection devices and explosives detection devices as well as the performance of the devices dedicated to travel bags of passengers.

The Sana’a International Airport facilities have been organized to improve the level of services in general and to work on the new expansion of the arrival and departure corridors. This has represented a qualitative shift in the work of the airport by solving the problem of congestion and providing more offices of international airlines.

New Sana’a International Airport

Several years ago, New Sana’a International Airport was launched in the west of the current airport to cope with the increasing and future traffic of passengers and air cargo.

Phase I: Work included the reinforcement of the asphalt to the existing basic gradient and aircraft position, as well as included the parallel corridor and entrances between the positions.
Phase 2: Construction of a passenger building consisting of 3 floors including a public reception hall, a public lounge for travelers and a flight treatment hall for travelers. The second stage consists of departure halls with 6 bridges connecting them with aircraft to transport passengers from and to the aircraft. In the ground floor, departure halls are transported by bus to and from the aircraft. In addition, there is an arrival hall with 4 conveyors to transport the bags to the lounges. This phase also included the development of a 12-room transit hotel, a senior guest lounge, a business lounge, a first-class lounge, a 1200-car park, a bus stop, taxis and staff parking.
Phase 3: The construction of a new runway and corridor parallel to the new stairway, as well as a 60-aircraft station with a fuel supply system, as well as the construction of an air cargo building, aircraft maintenance yards, the construction of an observation tower and a technical air navigation building.

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