The safest airline in 2017

According to a study conducted by the Aviation Accident Research Center annually on the rates of air accidents and the safety ratios of all airlines worldwide, and the study is for the magazine “Aero International” focused on aviation around the world. The study is based on data of the performance and movement of all airlines and air crash statistics over the past three years, as well as the average age of the fleets of international airlines. The results of the 2017 study are promising for several Arab airlines, in particular three UAE airlines. Where three UAE airlines topped the list of the safest airlines in 2017, let us identify together the contents of that list.

The safest airline in 2017

What are the safest airlines in 2017?

Emirates Airlines topped the list of the safest airlines in 2017, according to the report, which will later be published in the international aviation magazine Aero International.

Emirates Etihad Airways also took the lead on the same list but was not among the top five, ranking seventh on the list of the safest airlines in 2017. Emirates Air Arabia also made it one of the top ten. The Norwegian Airline Airschtil ranks second, followed by Virgin Atlantic Airways with third place on the list of safest airlines in 2017.

The fourth place was for the Dutch airline KLM, the fifth was for the British EasyJet, and the sixth was occupied by Finn Air Finland. It was the seventh place for Etihad Airways as we mentioned. The eighth most secure airlines in 2017 were Spirit Airlines USA, the ninth was JetStars Australia, and the 10th place was the UAE Air Arabia.

Three of the UAE’s top airlines are now the safest airlines in 2017, which is a major achievement for these airlines in the field of aviation safety. In fact, this achievement is due to the hard work and heavy investments that these companies spend in the field of safety and to develop their fleets with the latest and the safest aircraft models.

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